About Consolidated Property Management & Sales


Our commitment is to strive towards providing you with the highest standard of service. Promises are easily made and just as easily forgotten. We believe that you should only ever make promises you can keep. We believe that we are unique to make these commitments through our service guarantee.

We guarantee:

  1. To respond to your telephone calls within 1 business day
  2. To respond to email requests within 1 business day
  3. To not make excuses but provide solutions
  4. To provide you with a comparative market analysis of the rental market value by comparing your property to similar properties
  5. To advertise for tenants on rental websites to display the property on our rental listing sheet, erect a "To Let" sign where applicable
  6. To accompany all prospective tenants to the property - we do not hand out keys
  7. To interview all prospective tenants prior to approval
  8. To carry out thorough tenant reference checks including TICA Tenant Database checks
  9. To prepare a detailed condition report and inventory list if applicable
  10. To prepare all documentation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
  11. To collect a full rental bond prior to the tenant receiving the keys
  12. To carry out regular property inspections and forward a detailed report to our lessor
  13. To monitor arrears on a daily basis and promptly issue the appropriate notices
  14. To review the rent at least once a year
  15. To arrange repairs and maintenance in accordance with your instructions
  16. To carry out final inspections and correctly administer the rental bond monies
  17. To offer FREE market appraisals and/or photo, upon request
  18. To offer a Master Policy Cover - Landlord Protection Insurance, upon request
  19. To give expert advice with regard to the application of Residential Tenancies Act
  20. To have a thorough knowledge of the Anti-Discrimination and Privacy Act
  21. To account to you your rental monies within the first week of each month
  22. To administer all funds through an audited trust account
  23. To use a quality system with checklists to reduce human error
  24. To our sellers our commitment is keeping in contact with you, and giving you ALL feed back