We pride ourselves on attention to detail and believe that if we present the property in an A1 condition we are more likely to attract a quality tenant that will care for the property. All this is also important when you are selling a proeprty as well. Listed below is a simple checklist to ensure that you have attended to important areas that can sometimes be overlooked.

  1. Stove, griller and oven to be cleaned and lined with foil.
  2. Washing machine and clothes dryer filter to be cleaned out.
  3. All exhaust fans throughout property to be cleaned.
  4. Air vents to be dusted.
  5. Venetians to be washed thoroughly (if applicable).
  6. Windows and windowsills to be cleaned thoroughly.
  7. Marks to be removed from walls with sugar soap.
  8. All cupboards to be cleaned inside and out.
  9. All light fittings to be cleaned and insects removed.
  10. All power points and light switches to be cleaned.
  11. All floors and skirting boards to be washed.
  12. Drapes to be washed or dry-cleaned according to fabric.
  13. Cobwebs to be removed inside and out.
  14. Lawns to be mowed and edges trimmed (if applicable).
  15. Flower beds and pebble areas to be weeded.
  16. No rubbish to be left in the gardens or around the property.
  17. All trees and shrubs to be trimmed.
  18. All mirrors throughout to be cleaned.
  19. Particular attention should be paid to bathrooms and toilets - shower recess to be scrubbed - grouting to be free of all soap residue or mildew. Shower curtain (if applicable) to be washed and shower screen to be cleaned. All plug holes are to be cleaned and free from debris.
  20. Driveways, carports, garages and any concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains.
  21. All gutters to be cleared of leaves
  22. Furniture and upholstery to be left in a clean condition
  23. All items on inventory to be accounted for (if applicable)

Additional work to be carried out

Our asset management team can assist you with preparing the property for rent.