Susan Taylor has been involved with the Real estate industry for most of her life, here and in the UK.

Susan previously worked for Roy Weston for over 15 years as a property manager and as a licensee. She has a dedicated nature for her work with years of knowledge and training within the industry, and an investor herself she understands the needs of both owners and tenants. Susan has always believed that owners need to be informed of what is happening with their property, and has always explained things honestly so owners have all the facts to make the correct decision for their property.

Susan has had a vision on how the needs of investor should be achieved and how a specialised property management team could do this. In 2007 she had the opportunity to go into business for herself starting up Consolidated Property Management and with the support of other experienced colleagues in the industry Susan's vision was born.

When we moves into new premisies early 2015 we brought on board a sales arm into the office to compliment our property management team, who work hand in hand with investors, helpping them sell and buy investment properties, as well as looking after clients selling their own homes.

Susan's focus is on specialised and highly skilled area of real estate that demands well qualified and experienced personnel, plus an effective and systemised approach to property management. Consolidated Property Management & sales has developed cutting edge management systems and procedures that ensure effective letting and management to maximise our client's investment returns.

No one works harder than Susan for her clients, and as business owner works in the business and with a team who look after the investment properties, so more than one person knows your property.

Susan has many loyal clients who have supported her with their properties and referrals over the past decades this is from owners and also tenants who have become landlords. Susan has helped many buy and sell properties over her 23 years.

Susan has achieved many industry awards for her service to property management and real estate.

Susan is always updating her knowledge and attends ongoing training, seminars and workshops which enable her to provide her clients with 1st class service with up to date information.

Susan and her husband Lance are the sole business owners of Consolidated Property Management & sales and own many investments themselves so know what it is like on a personal bases. Emma has joined the family business after running her own business and brings a wonderful customer service to none, and she is skilled in selling.

If you every want to talk about buying, selling or investing please give Susan a call she believes in building wealth through property. She can even guide you in to helping your children buy property and it does not have to be to live in. The media are saying it will take the younger people 9 years to save a deposit which is crazy as they will not do it, let Susan show how you could help your kids and often yourself.

Call susan today 9240 4649 or email