What if... we don't value our tenants!

Our philosophy is that tenants are our business! Without tenants you don't receive rent and we don't receive commission. Today there is more competition to attract quality tenants, they are more sophisticated and have grown accustomed to better things, to a better standard of housing and living conditions. They have more money to spend.

For this reason it is more important than ever to value, respect and care for our tenants needs. We don't treat tenants as outsiders; they are part of our business. We understand that we are dependent on them that are not dependent on us. They deserve our immediate attention with requests and deserve to be greeted with a friendly courteous smile at all times.

ANTI DISCRIMINATION - What if... we don't want children or single mothers.

Under federal and state anti-discrimination laws, real estate agents cannot accept discriminatory direction from Property Investors. Both the agent and the property investor are legally liable if complaints are made. It is neither fair nor lawful to pressure an agent to break the law.

When selecting tenants, the only requirements that can be addressed are:

  1. The number of people suitable to reside in the property
  2. The tenant must be able to prove that they have and can maintain the weekly rent
  3. The tenant must be able to prove that they have and can maintain a rental property in a clean & tidy condition

You can discriminate against pets and smokers!

Real estate references are the most desirable for obtaining this information. However, we cannot by law discriminate against private landlord references. I can assure you that if this was the case we have ways of confirming that they are bona fide.

Unfair discrimination happens if you treat someone less favourably simply because of their sex, age, race, nationality, marital status, the fact that they have children, sexual preferences, disability or impairment, pregnancy, religion or political beliefs.

You do have the right to choose the most suitable tenant provided no unfair discrimination occurs.

We do have your best interests at heart and do appreciate that it is you property and you should have the right to choose who resides in the property. However, we must act in accordance with the law when processing a tenant application.

There have been successfully defended cases in the past where discrimination against children and coloured people have resulted in compensation claims against the real estate agency and property owner.