What you need to know!

Gutter Cleaning

This is an area that we all seem to neglect as it is not something we can see easily, but if not cleaned out can cause a lot of damage especially if your property is in an area with lots of trees around, then dried leaves, twigs, and flowers are few of the things that will definitely get collected in the gutter's

If the gutters are not cleaned in time for the rains, then the rain water also gets collected among all this junk, which can cause flooding throughout the walls and foundation. The clogged gutters can also cause a leak in the roof because of the excessive water. Ideally the gutter should be checked at least twice a year.

If you would like your gutters cleaned on your rental property before we get any more heavy rains then please email us on susan@consolidatedpm.com.au or call 9240 4649 and talk to Susan.

Shower Screens

We recommend a product called Shower Power/Oz Clean this can be purchased from local Coles/Woolworths - Spray on screen leave for couple of minutes wipe with a wet cloth and use a squeegee to wipe off. If used on a regular basis no build-up of calcium will occur.

Sometimes on the doors of shower screens at the bottom you can get a build-up of white/brown calcium if you spray mould remover on this leave for a few minutes and then gently scrub off.


We recommend a product called Mould Remover/Selbys this can be purchased from local Coles/Woolworths - Spray on affected areas leave for couple of minutes rinse off with a wet clean cloth... if mould still appearing scrub with a green scrubber. If mould has gone into silicone around bottom of shower doors etc this cannot be removed with mould remover.

Also on the tiles to avoid calcium build up spray the shower power and leave for a few minutes and then was off.


Build up of calcium around bottom of taps etc - use mould remover and leave for a few minutes then using a sponge with the green scraper on one side scrub off.


On a regular basis pour some bleach into the bowl and leave for a few minutes then was around bowl with the brush and flush this will prevent the build up in the bottom of the bowl.


Ajax spray and wipe on all your general counter tops etc Not to be used on stainless steel.


To avoid build up on the oven trays etc use tin foil to cover your trays and regularly change it. Wash your trays on a regular basis in hot soapy water to avoid the buildup on the trays... It's always good to heat the trays up in the oven before washing them - be careful not to burn your hands!

Exhaust fans

Regularly remove the exhaust fan cover and soak in hot soapy water to avoid the greasy build up the covers are easy to remove.


To keep your shelves clean recommend the appropriate cloth that you can just cut down to size - you can pick these up in Ikea really cheap and they are slip free!! Especially for the pot drawers where the pots and pans tend to leave black marks on the base of the drawer.

Stainless Steel

Any stainless steel appliance use products for stainless steel and no scourer.


To keep your tracks bug free vacuum them on a regular basis - then use a paintbrush cover it with a wet cloth and run it over the tracks it will pick up any remaining bugs.


If the property has wooden floors use the appropriate wooden floor cleaner or white vinegar - Flat mops are best for cleaning wooden floors and keep in flow with the direction the wooden panels If the property has tiled floors add one cup of methylated spirits to a bucket of water - this will give you a streak free clean floor!